The Foundation is Looking for
Family Members of Fallen Firefighters

We have a database of 93 firefighters for whom we have been unable to locate families so we can present a flag or recognize them during a memorial service. Please help us connect with these families so that they can get the recognition they deserve:

1881 December 4th Frederichs, Cornelius Minneapolis Hennepin
1881 December 4th Toohey, John Minneapolis Hennepin
1882 August Guion, Fred St. Paul Ramsey
1884 May 9th Wells, George St. Paul Ramsey
1885 February 26th Maloney, M.H. St. Paul Ramsey
1886 August 8th Williams, Henry Minneapolis Hennepin
1886 October 17th Okerman, Peter St. Paul Ramsey
1887 May 5th Cunniff, William St. Paul Ramsey
1888 March 21st Randolph, Frank Anoka Anoka
1888 December 14th Fox, Hugh J. Minneapolis Hennepin
1891 October 1st Mitchell, Charles W. Minneapolis Hennepin
1892 October 7th Conroy, John E. St. Paul Ramsey
1892 December 8th Jefferson, Thomas Minneapolis Hennepin
1893 August 16th Cloonan, Michael St. Paul Ramsey
1895 June 27th Homer, John F. Minneapolis Hennepin
1895 June 27th Hoy, Joseph W. Minneapolis Hennepin
1895 June 27th Richardson, Walter A. Minneapolis Hennepin
1895 June 27th Sande, Christian S. Minneapolis Hennepin
1895 June 27th Uehline, Frank Minneapolis Hennepin
1898 September 7th Finlayson, Archibald Duluth St. Louis
1898 September 7th Twaddle, Arthur Duluth St. Louis
1899 December 17th McVittie, William Duluth St. Louis
1900 October 21st Edey, Francis M. St. Paul Ramsey
1900 October 21st Irvine, Wiliam H. St. Paul Ramsey
1900 October 21st Wagner, Louis St. Paul Ramsey
1900 October 25th Johnson, Andrew J. St. Paul Ramsey
1902 September 11th Stackmesser, phillip Duluth St. Louis
1902 November 21st Baker, John F. Minneapolis Hennepin
1903 June 2nd Noonan, John Patrick Minneapolis Hennepin
1904 December 13th Fellows, John M. Minneapolis Hennepin
1908 January 15th Rose, Arthur F. Duluth St. Louis
1908 January 24th Bradley, Charles H. Minneapolis Hennepin
1909 January 25th Kelly, John J. Duluth St. Louis
1909 May 17th McNamara, John Minneapolis Hennepin
1909 September 26th Kane, Daniel L. Minneapolis Hennepin
1911 March 27th Pearson, Ferdinand Minneapolis Hennepin
1911 July 18th Manning, Stanley W. St. Paul Ramsey
1912 April 4th McGarry, Michael St. Paul Ramsey
1912 September 3rd Traeger, William Minneapolis Hennepin
1913 June 17th Kanesky, Frank Minneapolis Hennepin
1913 June 18th Gray, John Minneapolis Hennepin
1914 February 14th Rumpel, Henry C. Duluth St. Louis
1915 September 10th Granzow, Fredrick E. Duluth St. Louis
1918 July 21st Webber, Frank Winona Winona 2015
1919 March 9th Campion, Daniel St. Paul Ramsey
1920 May 25th Laughlin, Dennis Minneapolis Hennepin
1920 June 6th Wilson, Charles W. Duluth St. Louis
1922 December 28th Peterson, Gust T. Minneapolis Hennepin
1924 January 18th Christenson, Hartvig Minneapolis Hennepin
1927 April 10th Brown, Geroge A. St. Paul Ramsey
1927 May 16th Malchow, Louis P. Minneapolis Hennepin
1927 December 31st Brady, James E. Jr. Minneapolis Hennepin
1928 May 8th Lawrence, Authur N. Minneapolis Hennepin
1928 May 8th Marden, William R. Minneapolis Hennepin
1929 November 17th Sullivan, Patrick H. Duluth St. Louis
1930 April 17th Thuleen, Albert Minneapolis Hennepin
1930 November 14th McGinnis, John Minneapolis Hennepin
1931 April 29th Anderson, Hjalmer Cloquet Carlton
1932 December 18th Literski, Louis St. Paul Ramsey
1933 February 10th Foley, Joseph J. St. Paul Ramsey
1934 August 30th Whelan, David F. Minneapolis Hennepin
1934 November 16th Kuhlke, John Minneapolis Hennepin
1935 June 27th Pangilo, Nicholas Minneapolis Hennepin
1938 February 19th Duff, Charles H. Minneapolis Hennepin
1939 September 30th Kellerman, William F. St. Paul Ramsey
1940 January 18th Steene, Jesse I. Minneapolis Hennepin
1942 July 23rd Mackey, Peter S. Rochester Olmsted
1943 May 3rd Moore, Lyman Minneapolis Hennepin
1945 November 19th Solberg, Orvie Mellen Duluth St. Louis
1946 October 8th Oberg, Fredric Cloquet Carlton
1947 January 23rd Laycock, Donald Thomas Minneapolis Hennepin
1947 January 23rd Tischer, Harlow Joseph Minneapolis Hennepin
1947 January 28th Weimer, John St. Paul Ramsey
1947 February 2nd McLeod, Walter Raymond Minneapolis Hennepin
1947 March 1st McLaughlin, William H. Minneapolis Hennepin
1947 October 23rd Brodahl, Herbert T. Minneapolis Hennepin
1948 May 24th Harris, Homer C. Minneapolis Hennepin
1949 June 9th Novak, Edward St. Paul Ramsey
1949 November 24th Dillon, John J. St. Paul Ramsey
1952 July 11th Gagne, Alfred Joseph Duluth St. Louis
1955 March 5th McLellan, Herbert Duluth St. Louis
1956 March 14th Bednar, Edward St. Paul Ramsey
1957 January 14th Rose, Walter St. Paul Ramsey
1958 January 19th Gerdes, Daniel P. Minneapolis Hennepin
1958 April 17th Oldre, Roger Minneapolis Hennepin
1959 December 15th Gross, William C. Minneapolis Hennepin
1962 February 28th Crone, Henry A. Minneapolis Hennepin
1963 October 26th Pagel, Alvin Winona Winona
1977 March 16th Benson, Grant R. Minneapolis Hennepin
1982 January 22nd Raeburn, Bruce J. Mahtomedi Washington
1982 January 30th Wagner, Richard Francis Duluth St. Louis
1983 December 23rd Drenth, Charles L. Lyle Mower
1991 October 14th Templin, Frederick W. St. Cloud Stearns